Archery League

Hi all,

We are going to try an outdoor archery league this year.

The start date is Saturday April 27 at 1:30 pm. and will run for six weeks. (longer if there is enough interest)

Cost is $5, kids are free. Non members are welcome so bring your buddies.

We will be using 3D targets set at 20-30-40-50 yards with standard 5-8-10-12 scoring. The way it works is 4 shooters will line up with the 4 targets and shoot 5 arrows, then score and retrieve the arrows. The next end you line up rotating to the next target and repeat. the shooting and scoring process. You will end up shooting 5 arrows at all 4 distances 3 times for a total of 60 arrows.

Thank you

Bill Valentine

Christmas Party!

Hi all,


On Dec 15 will be the kids Christmas party, you need to RSVP so that there is a head count of how many gifts are needed . There is a dead line of Monday for this. On Dec 15 the club will open at 10am, Santa will be arriving at Noon to pass out the gifts. There will be peanut butter and jelly, Peanut butter and Fluff, along with grinders on the menu for the day.


Neil will also be at the club this saturday 12/1/12 from 9 till Noon for members to renew, the dead line is Dec 31 for renewal.


Thanks, Chip

Hello everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that our dear friend and member, Mr. Romeo Ethier, has left us. Romeo passed away Sunday at approximately 3pm after a very courageous battle with cancer. He had been undergoing treatments and remained positive, optimistic and in good spirits during these last few months.

Although I was not as close to Romeo as some, I knew him almost as long as I’ve lived in Massachusetts and he was a good friend that I will miss tremendously. He always had a positive attitude and I know that anyone who knew him would agree that Romeo could find good in any situation and never gave up on any project. He became our Kitchen Chairman shortly after joining us and made famous among the kitchen inner-circle the “7 Pot Gravy” that everyone loved at the Roast Beef Dinners that we served while he was cooking. He was a hard worker, despite his 75+ years on this Earth, and never asked anyone to do something he was not prepared to do himself.

Romeo also loved to fish and was affectionately named “The Fish Pig” because you could find him at the pond fishing just about every week. He and Bill Harney would get into contests to see who could catch more fish! Can you guess who won? In fact, he was there so often, he had a fishing pole and tackle box at the club, ready at a moments notice to sneak off to get his line wet in hopes of catching that monster trout when he was in the area after work.

This past Saturday at Member’s Nite, we took a collection and will be sending a basket to Romeo’s Family to help during this difficult time along with a card that was signed by all who attended.

I know that anyone that knew Romeo will miss him, as will I. At present, services are not finalized for Romeo, but as soon as more details are available, I will ask Chip to forward the information to everyone. Please keep Romeo in your prayers and heart these next few days. He will be missed greatly!

Yours truly,

Neal Primeaux

Tickets to Field day are now available.

Our Annual Field day is coming up quickly. Tickets are available now, stop into the club house Saturdays and Sundays from now until September 22nd. Be sure to get your seafood tickets before September 3rd. No more orders for seafood will be taken after that date.

The club also needs volunteers to help with the event, so contact anyone if you can lend a hand.