President: Ben Greene

Vice President: Rick Kohn

Treasurer: Richard Boucher

Secretary: Roger Larence

Chairman of the Board: Neal Primeaux


Board of Directors

Bill Valentine, Mike Dupre, Peter Morin, Rick Jarret, Christopher Delarda, Bob Poisson                                                              
Bob Sweetman, Bud Laporte


Committee Chairmen:

Pond: Ken True

Archery: Bill Valentine

Rifle and Pistol: Bill Valentine

Grounds: Christopher Delarda

Kitchen: Mike Dupre

Bar: Stephen Pierangeli

Membership: Neil Primeaux

Hats and Shirts: Neil Primeaux

WCL: Ken True, Rene Boucher

Trap: Jacob Primeaux, Charlie Poulin

Pheasant: Richard Jarret

House:  Vacant, if you would be interested in this position please let someone on the BOD know.